Why did I buy $10 worth of Powerball tickets?  Of course the easy answer is “to win”.   Seriously, $320 million – lump sum payment of $198 million.  Ca-ray-zee…

The rational side of my brain understands that my odds of NOT winning are 99.999999947%.  But as they say, you can’t win if you don’t play!

The way I see it, the $10 spent is a tiny price to pay for a few hours of wildly imagining how I will spend my winnings when my numbers are announced tonight.

Still working out the exact breakdown of the numbers, but this is what I am thinking:

I’ll take a chunk off the top, say $10 million, and set up a foundation.  Wouldn’t it be fun to channel you inner Oprah and be able to change the lives of people?

Education is very important to our family so I’d take another chunk and set up an education trust.  This fund would be available to all family members for anything relating to education.  College tuition, of course, but also let’s say that Aunt Kate wants to take a wine course to further her knowledge and appreciation of wine.  Done. Education is education, no matter the subject.

Although the family is spread all over, we are very close and love spending time together.  So, obviously we would want to purchase a membership in a private jet company.  Thinking that would be wiser than buying our own jet and keeping a pilot on the payroll….but maybe not, I will have to look into that.

Obviously, we will want to build or buy a compound – an estate of some sort – at which we can gather for holidays and family meetings.  I’m pretty sure that all multi-millionaire families have a compound.

Oh, wait, forgot about taxes.  The IRS is gonna want their share.  And, the fabulous state of California will be all giddy about snagging part of my bounty.  Goody, goody…

Let’s say that leaves me with $100 million.  How do I split that up among the family members?  Tallying up all parents, kids, siblings and siblings’ kids I count about 35 lucky individuals that will benefit from my winnings.  Will everyone get an equal portion?  Should I give more to the younger generation?  Even though the education fund will cover all their college costs?  Maybe I don’t want to remove all their incentive to work hard and make their own way.  On the other hand, knowing the personalities of this gang, I think they’d take this opportunity to make a difference in the world.  I’d sure hope so.

Man, this is hard work!  So many decisions, so much responsibility.  Good thing that the dream will be over tomorrow morning when I wake up to hear that the winning ticket was purchased at a liquor store in Mitchell, South Dakota.  Still, it was a fun dream while it lasted.

© 2013 Mocadeaux

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