Powerless Over Gift Shops

I am powerless over gift shops.  People like me are the reason that the clever folks at Disney World have every ride exit into a themed gift shop.

On my girlfriends’ getaway trip to Montana, as you might imagine, we hit up a few local shops.  I’m really trying to scale back, get rid of stuff and avoid buying more dust collectors. But I’ve been drawn to pieces that have sayings on them, particularly when they make me giggle like this one which Ellen and I each bought off the sale rack.


Or this one that Ellen bought for the Montana house because it so perfectly summed up the feeling of the place.

Less Stress

I’m not much of a souvenir gal. I generally let my photos serve that purpose. I resisted the temptation to buy this shirt.

bear shirt

Instead, I picked up a t-shirt from a great little cafe we dined in and a coffee mug from Cowgirl Coffee – a spot we drove through sometimes twice a day to get our caffeine fix.  I figure these mementos will have more meaning to me than a generic “Montana” sweatshirt, even one displaying survival tips.

On our very last day, we rode the chairlift up to the top of the mountain by Ellen’s house to, you’ll never guess what, a gift shop in the mountaintop ski lodge! One thing I’ve noticed since becoming a grandmother: I am drawn to the baby section of stores like a moth to a flame.  It’s like kryptonite. There are just so darn many adorable baby things, even for boys! Like this cute little number that the shopkeeper was kind enough to find in duplicate since I was shopping for twins.

duck duck moose

We headed back to the house for one last evening of laughter, wine and trying to fit everything into our luggage.  One last evening view of Glacier and our trip came to an end.

Night view of Glacier

Farewell Paddy O’Moose.  We look forward to visiting you again!


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  1. The duck, duck, moose onesie made me burst out laughing! Love that sign…what a perfect way to describe vacation. I love a good gift shop, too! :)-Ashley

  2. I love shops like that too! There is a place called The Paper Store that has all of those kinds of items- I would spend my lunch break just wandering around the store.

  3. I used to LOVE gift shops, and I still do, but something in me told me lately not to splurge on stuff. That I didn’t need it. I am going to treat myself next time. Thanks! Love your blog.

  4. OK, that onesie is just too adorable to pass up. I cracked up when I saw that one. And I looove the less stress sign. Ah yes, I want more of all of those things!


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