Serendipity vs Fate Part 2

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This story begins at Senior Bar.

It was just weeks before the end of our senior year in college. My roommate, Catherine, and I were enjoying an evening of celebration. Those were the days that most students had a job lined up before graduation and those of us who were accounting majors really had our pick of opportunities.

Catherine and I were excited about our new jobs in Chicago…all we needed to do was to find an apartment we could afford. We decided it would be nice to find a third person with whom to split the bills and put the word out hoping to find someone to join us.

chicago skyline

Sometime during this particular night of dancing to Donna Summer hits and drinking our nickel beers this scene played out.

Some Random Senior: Hey, you guys are looking for a roommate in Chicago, right?

Mo and Catherine: Yea

Random Senior: You should talk to Clare Wilson. She’s looking for someone to room with.

Catherine and I walk over to the other side of the bar and locate Clare.

Mo and Catherine: So Clare…any interest in getting an apartment with us in Chicago?

Clare: Sure.

Under 60 seconds.  And thus began a beautiful friendship that has lasted 35 years.

Catherine, Clare and I were all accounting majors and had suffered through some classes together but that was the extent of our interaction…until that fateful night at Senior Bar. If someone had told us that someday Clare and I would be godmothers to each other’s children I doubt we would have believed it.


I guess, once again, both serendipity AND fate played a part in this story. I am so very thankful that, once again, I was paying attention!  Happy birthday, dear friend!

© 2013 Mocadeaux

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  1. So cool Mo! And I too remember dancing to Donna Summer (I especially loved her MacArthur Park medley – but I digress)How wonderful that this friendship stems back to a serendipitous event in your past!


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