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Mo Wine Please

In my quest to visit a winery in all 50 states, and upon the recommendation of my darling daughter, Annie, I recently visited the Truro Vineyards on Cape Cod.

Massachusetts wine tasting – check!

I had fully intended to take Peter along but silly work stuff, a board meeting and all, kept his nose to the grindstone and mine pointed in the direction of North Truro, MA.

Solo wine tasting – a great way to spend a morning!

Truro Vineyards

The grounds of the Truro Vineyards are beautiful. In addition to the wine tasting and tours, the property boasts a food truck and South Hollow Spirits Distillery which offers tours and rum tasting. Something for everyone!

grounds of Truro VIneyards

But I, myself, am a wine gal so I focused on that. The wine tastings take place every 30 minutes on the hour and half hour on this lovely patio.

Truro VIneyards tasting patio

As you can see, it was not terribly crowded the day I went. To her credit, the gal in the gift shop didn’t blink an eye when I stepped up to the register to pay for a single ticket.

Wine tasting, party of one please!

It is important that I now share with you the #1 rule of solo wine tasting:

Thou shalt ONLY sip and spit.

No fudging this rule. If you are the taster AND the driver, no drinking!

As I strolled out to the terrace I considered inviting myself to join one of the two or three groups taking part in the 11:30am tasting but thought better of it.

My table mates might not have appreciated my (quite discrete) spitting, obsessive note taking, nerdy questions and repeated photos. All of the other guests were there for fun – I was there for research. Serious research.

With ten wines on the tasting menu, the charming hostess circulated five times offering us two wine to choose from each round. And she patiently answered my many, many questions.

wine tasting at Truro

One might assume, if you are tasting wines at a Massachusetts winery, that all the grapes were grown on the property or at least in the state.

But no.

I’ve learned that you have to ask the question.

“Where are your grapes grown?”

It turns out that of the 10 wines served at Truro, only 3 – Chardonnay, Merlot and Cabernet Franc – are grown in Massachusetts. The rest of the grapes are imported from places like New York and California.

That’s not a bad thing. New York and California are pretty great places for grape growing. But if your goal is to taste wines from all 50 states, this little detail is important.

I admit that I’m not much of a Chardonnay girl so I can’t be relied upon to give an unbiased review of that particular varietal. The Truro Merlot and Cabernet Franc were fine.

Not for nothing, though, my favorites were the Vignoles (a cousin of Viognier) grown in the Finger Lakes area of New York and the Triumph Red Blend made principally from Cabernet Sauvignon grapes from California. The grapes are shipped at a chilly 35 degrees and all blending is done at Truro.

All too quickly our 30 minute tasting session was over and it was time to visit the gift shop. A+ score for the gift shop. Actually one of the best I’ve ever seen at a winery.

Although next time I think I’d go with a few pals, my solo wine tasting was, indeed, the perfect way to spend a morning.

Truro Vineyards is well worth the trip, even if it is, as their sign says, a long way from Napa.

3000 miles to Napa

Would you ever go solo wine tasting? Ever been to Truro Vineyards? Who has other recommendations for me?

FYI, all opinions stated here are my own and I received no compensation from Truro Vineyards. Yep, I sprung for the $10 ticket all by myself.

And remember, I’m serious about that “no drinking and driving thing”. Promise?

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  1. Mo.. wish I had been in town I would have met you in a minute!! Very pretty winery, who knew? Listen don’t pack wine for me cuz I’m a chard girl and am accustomed to hotel cheap stuff. I don’t want you to take up one inch of your valuable packing space for me. Great post.

  2. I’ve been to the Truro vineyard – the wine tasting and gift shop were enjoyable. I didn’t ask, but it makes sense that not all the grapes are grown there. Have a great time in Virginia with Katie.

  3. I had no idea that some wineries used non-local grapes. You’re always teaching me something. Can’t wait to see how you find a good winery in Alabama. There must be some elsewhere in the state, but the one I’ve tried was honestly the worst tasting wine I’ve ever had! I think it’s too hot here on the coast to grow wine grapes. Scuppernong grapes grow like crazy in the humidity here, but I would think they’d be inappropriate for wine.

    One in each state is a fun and noble goal.
    Leslie Anne recently posted…Comment on The Game’s Afoot by Leslie AnneMy Profile

    • Yes, I think that some states will prove to be more of a challenge than others, but I am so dedicated to my readers and to this goal that I will soldier on and do my best. That being said, I have a hard time giving a place a bad review. My experience wine tasting in Florida was quite similar to your experience in your fair state. I never wrote a post about it but will figure out some way to get credit for the Florida tasting without naming names. Is that too wimpy?
      Mo Lux recently posted…Massachusetts Wine Tasting – Party Of OneMy Profile

  4. Atta girl, Mo. I’d do wine tasting on my own as well. Be a shame to miss out on something because I had only myself for company. What are some other questions one should ask on a winery tour other than the grapes’ source question?
    Kelly McKenzie recently posted…The Bike Ride From HellMy Profile

  5. How fun and how beautiful. Heck yea I would go alone, wouldn’t be my first choice but few things can keep me and wine separated:) I am sure many peopel do this solo and on the bright side, it would allow you 100% of your attention on what counts….the wine:)

  6. I think your motto is a good one to hold firm…never been to Truro Vineyards and I always thought the grapes were grown locally at the vineyards…learn something new everyday.
    Beemie recently posted…Bloopers, Blunders …My Profile

  7. When we went on a wine tasting in Traverse City ( Old Mission Peninsula ) we hired a car and driver – best decision ever!

  8. Yay! Looking forward to your Top Ten questions.
    Kelly L McKenzie recently posted…The Bike Ride From HellMy Profile

  9. vodkamom says:

    We went to wine country at Watkins Glen, New York last weekend! As you know I don’t DRINK wine, but I still had a wonderful time! Luckily, Ray has wine flowing through his veins.

    Sounds like a great morning!!

  10. I love that you are aiming to have wine from all fifty states – have you had Maryland yet? Do they even grow grapes in every state?

    I want you to know that I drank red wine in Italy, and I liked it! I haven’t had any since we are back in the States, though – I’m afraid I’ll be disappointed.
    Dana recently posted…When in RomeMy Profile

    • I know that there are wineries in all 50 states so I’m assuming that grapes of some sort or another are grown in each. That is all part of the serious fact finding mission I’m on and why I must taste wine from sea to shining sea!
      Glad you liked the red wine in Italy!
      Mo Lux recently posted…MishmashMy Profile

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