5 Ways I Stay Connected With Loved Ones

Technology is magical in the way it keeps us connected.  Here are the tools I use to nurture the relationships in my life.


Of course we all enjoy hearing the voices of our loved ones but we can’t always find time in our day to sit down for a good long chat. For those times when we just want to send a quick ‘I’m thinking of you” message, texting is perfect.

Last week I was watching Jeopardy (because I am a nerd) and one of the answers was ‘Atomic Fireballs’. I immediately texted Ellie to let her know. When we were in high school we were addicted to those things – you know, the cinnamon flavored jaw-breakers that burn your mouth and turn your teeth red?

Atomic Fireballs

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Hearing the words ‘Atomic Fireballs’ on TV brought back memories of times spent with a dear friend and, in 30 seconds, I could dash off a quick message to let her know I was thinking of her.

My mom LOVES texting.  She used to have a flip phone so her messages were short and she had to get pretty creative with her abbreviations.  Then we got mom a new phone with a full keyboard.  Now she is a texting fiend!

Mom will often send “nighty-night” texts that always feel like a warm hug, all the way from Florida, popping right out of my iPhone.


I’ve had my personal Facebook account for about five years. It’s not perfect but it does provide a pretty amazing vehicle for keeping up with your friends. Very recently I reconnected with a gal who was my roommate during my sophomore year in college.  We had lost track of each other because of a series of moves and life’s interruptions.

Our section of the dorm was located over an arch in the building and so we dubbed ourselves “The Archway Cookies”.  At the football tailgate party last month, another roommate brought a bunch of packages of Archway cookies for a photo op.

Archway Cookies

She posted this picture on her timeline, the long lost roommate commented, I sent her a friend request and – boom! Reconnected.

Peter joined Facebook because he got tired of me saying, “Did you see the new pictures Lily posted of the babies?” and “Did you read Walt’s funny post about poopy diapers?”

A man can only put up with so much FOMO before he decides to jump on the train!

Words With Friends

How cool is it that I can play games with friends and family who live far, far away? We may not talk or text every day but when I open the Words With Friends app and see the games awaiting my move, it almost makes me feel like I am hanging out with my friends playing a game of Bananagrams in person.

I typically check the games once in the morning and once at night. Two chances per day to connect with my word peeps!

Words With Friends

Plus, the game exercises our brains which all of us appreciate and need. But you do not want to play against my friend, Peggy. She knows every single two-letter word and is not afraid to use them.

Photo Stream

While Walt and Lily post some pictures of the twin grand-boys on Facebook, they try to avoid over-sharing on social media.

There is no such thing as over-sharing in the eyes of grandparents, however.

That’s where the shared Photo Stream comes in handy.  Lily set one up via her iPhone and sent invitations to each member of the family.  Anyone of us can add pictures but let’s be honest; mostly we all just want to see the babies.

Just this morning I got a ‘ding’ on my cell phone alerting me to the fact that Lily had posted 34 new photos of the little munchkins.

Many people use Instagram for this same purpose but we prefer the Apple Photo Stream. We all have iPhones or iPads and it is just so darn easy. Thank you Steve Jobs.

Our Notre Dame group of friends has set up a shared Photo Stream so we can all have access to pictures from our get-togethers. It saves us from having to take photos on 12 different cameras.

My Blog

One of the completely unexpected benefits of writing this blog has been the way it has helped me stay connected with people in my real life.

I write about times we have shared, trips we’ve taken, and memories we have made.

Writing these posts lets me remind my loved ones just how important they are to me.

I’ve also heard from many of them that reading the blog makes them feel connected to me even though miles separate us. That warms my heart more than I say.

My blog is all about celebrating life’s gifts including the relationships with friends and family. I’m so happy it seems to be doing just that.

How do you stay connected with your loved ones? Has technology made it easier?

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  1. There is nothing like staying connected. I’ve really found that Facebook and Words with Friends has been life changing in keeping in touch! My daughter regularly FaceTimes my mom. They not only get to talk, but they can see each other! So often I feel like technology keeps us from relationships, but sometimes it really helps foster them, too!! –Lisa
    The Dose of Reality recently posted…Pinterest Nightmare #132: The Pet High ChairMy Profile

  2. Thank you for the heads up on the Photo Stream front Mo. That sounds so very cool. I learned today that we have yet one more thing in common – in highschool I too went to a small Catholic girls school. Yep. Loved your Ellie story. As we say in my family – The way you got to meet was a godwink.
    Kelly McKenzie recently posted…A Time to Be ThankfulMy Profile

  3. I stay connected pretty much the same way that you do… PLUS Pinterest. It sounds crazy, but there are a few people I swap totally inappropriate pins with. It’s the stuff I can’t possibly pin to a board because it has a cuss word in it but that still makes me laugh. Or the people of walmart pins that I find strangely fascinating. Or the ones that feature anatomically correct anythings… Instead of pinning them, I send them to my husband (or sister). They send me equally raunchy pins that crack me up at the most inopportune moments.

    Wait…. does that sound weird? Do I need an intervention?
    susan recently posted…A Christmas Wish List for BloggersMy Profile

  4. I love this post….although I have been craving fireballs since your text!!! As the receiver of your many thoughtfulnesses, in the middle of a ridiculously crazy day, you always make me smile!!!! And, i love the WWF too. So much fun!

  5. A certain someone had his first fireball from his haul of Halloween candy. My warnings did not diminish his desire to try it. After about 2 seconds he was screaming, spitting it out and under the sink in agony. Once recovered his only question was “why?”

    • Definitely an acquired taste and something for which you have to build up a tolerance. Does he have any left? Can you bring them for Christmas?
      Mo Lux recently posted…The Thanksgiving Dinner When I Almost Poisoned MomMy Profile

      • Sorry, his school collects excess candy to send to soldiers but the one he had left did not even make it into that pile. He threw it out in disgust that anyone would create such a thing and he did not want to give it to an unsuspecting soldier. This might drop Auntie Mo down a few notches in his esteem!

  6. I’ll need to look into Photo Stream. I hadn’t heard of it before. I’m a big fan of a good old fashioned phone every now and again but mostly I stick to E-mail.
    Kate recently posted…Another week of thanksMy Profile

  7. I’m also live really far away from almost all my friends and family. I’m big into texting. I text my friends and family all the time. And of course, my blog is another biggie. All my friends and family know about my blog, so they can follow along with what’s going on in my life all the time.
    Kristen recently posted…Old school jamsMy Profile

  8. I have PhotoStream on my Iphone but didn’t know I can email it to others, hmmm, might have to look into that!

    We Skype with the inlaws who live in Europe-Skype is a Godsend and this way the grandparents can see their grandbaby.

    My parents on the other hand, I had to finally convince them to get the internet. They are very how do I put it nicely “technology challenged” lol? They want to start Skyping too but have no clue how to set it up. When we head over there for Thanksgiving we are going to do it for them. My parents have been avoiding the internet like the plague for some reason but now they realize if they want to see their out of state grandbaby we have to get creative.

    Glad you all are keeping in touch through the net, when used properly, it is a GREAT way to stay connected in this busy world we live in!
    Deanna recently posted…Raising a Bilingual Child And A Schedule Change.My Profile

  9. I’m fortunate enough to live near my family, and I love following my out of town friends on Facebook to keep up with what is going on in their lives. My daughter uses Snapchat to connect with her aunt, uncle and cousins. Even though they don’t live far, they all love the little connections they can have throughout the day with no effort at all. And since I’m not on Snapchat, it’s something that’s special for my daughter to do with her cool aunt and uncle.
    Dana recently posted…Oh, to be a teenagerMy Profile

  10. technology has its advantages and disadvantages. i agree it’s so much easier to stay connected, but people can also get so addicted to technology that they fail to live their life (i.e., texting during meals or children spending time indoors with an iPad versus going outside to play). one of the hardest things for me with technology was getting friend requests from my family and in-laws and really not wanting to share my personal life with them. now i think i’ve got it down to a science where i accept their requests but then i block everything so they really can’t see anything. it’s super awkward, but oh well.
    catherine gacad recently posted…20 Year High School ReunionMy Profile

    • I feel the same way when everyone is sitting around the table looking at their phones instead of talking to the people in front of them. What a great solution you have come up with for FB! I have a couple of people that I’ve removed from my newsfeed because I got tired of their political rants. I never thought about controlling my stream of info out. Hmmmm….
      Mo Lux recently posted…Thanksgiving Dinner Wine – Tips and TypesMy Profile

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