What I’ve Done On My Summer Vacation So Far

Last time, I shared the tale of my travel to Boston that almost didn’t happen because my dear, devoted, crazy-busy husband of lo these past 35 years forgot to let his office know that I would be joining him for the event.

But, make it to Boston I did and after days spent with the family and the work event at The Cape, Peter and I headed back to Chicago to prepare for all of the kids and grandkids to join us for a week of summer vacation.

It was an action packed time. We went to just about every playground in town, including the neighborhood park the kids enjoyed while growing up. The very truck-obsessed Chip and Dale had their minds blown when they saw the sandbox filled with construction equipment.


Chip and Dale were a great team navigating the hedge maze at another park.

hedge maze

Note that the boys are decked out in their Cubs jerseys for their first trip to Wrigley Field later that day.

We did a family photo shoot with the photographer that our son and daughter-in-law used for their wedding. Seriously, folks, if anyone is looking for an amazing photographer in the Chicago area, let me know. Tricia is your gal!

While Chip and Dale and their parents were off visiting other friends, little Andy enjoyed time in Momo and Tato’s luxurious backyard pool.

pool time

It took him about 3 seconds to get acclimated to the pool water but then he was all in!

We squeezed in a visit to Kohl Children’s Museum which is just down the street from us. The kids (and grownups) had a blast exploring all the rooms and activities.

Oh, and then there was the 4th of July parade and festivities.

We spent a morning touring Lincoln Park Zoo.

Lincoln Park Zoo

The excitement was a bit too much for one of us.

sacked out

(Actually, that’s pretty much how I felt at the end of every day!)

The boys all got a kick out of playing with toys like the Fisher Price garage and the Duplo blocks that had belonged to their parents. They added a slight twist to the dump truck’s load.

corks in a truck

This is what the grandkids play with at our house.

Little Andy-kins, at 8 months old, is not at all interested in crawling and seems only focused on strengthening his chunkster legs by standing at every possible moment.

Andy standing

We discovered that removing the sofa cushions a) makes for the perfect standing height and b) protects the cushions from buckets of baby drool. Win, win!

Sadly, Andy and his parents had to leave after a week but, because of their dad’s crazy work schedule, Chip and Dale and their mom got to stay for a few extra days.

We visited Wagner Farm – a real live farm right smack in the middle of our town.

Wagner Farm

The Wagner family operated this farm for generations. When the last of the family passed away, her will stated that the land was to be sold to the highest bidder with the money donated to her church. A group of local residents, determined to keep this little slice of rural life out of the hands of developers, approached the Glenview Park District with a plan. With community support the park district was able to acquire the property. It is now run as a museum/working farm with horses, pigs, chickens and sheep. Pretty cool, eh?

We also visited the fabulous, if a bit pricey, Shedd Aquarium.

Shedd Aquarium

I loved that many of the tanks were floor to ceiling so that the boys could see everything from the comfort of their stroller. My back really loved that part. The boys were mesmerized by everything but I think our favorite was the gigantic, scary but not to be missed shark tank. Amazing!

Soon it was the time for the last of our guests to leave. We ran out of time before we ran out of things to do.

No worries, there are plenty more adventures to come in the future at Camp Momo & Tato.

So what have you all been up to during your summer vacation?

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  1. Oh – my – dear- this makes me miss my little ones so much! You are so blessed to have these sweeties close by, and what an awesome place you live in, to provide so many opportunities for fun! Your dump truck load made me think of the time my son asked for a “coke” and I told him, “no, it’s too close to dinner . . . not good for you, etc.” he kept adamantly asking for a “coke” when I finally realized, he wanted a CORK for a craft project! “R’s” were a bit difficult for him to pronounce, but he knew good and well, Mommy had plenty of “cokes.”
    Leslie Anne recently posted…Comment on Away at the Bay by A Lovely Alabama Wedding – Fairhope Supply Co.My Profile

  2. What a great place Chicago is! Everything looks so fun for both the adults and the little ones. Happy Sunday Mo 🙂

  3. That’s the way to grandparent! What I love is that you love it so much. Every grandchild should be so lucky to be so adored.

  4. I love that the time ran out before the options. You are the best. So fun that you provide a wealth of fun kids stuff to do. My son would have loved the shark tank. When he was little I lost him at Sea Life Park on Oahu. However I wasn’t worried. He was right where I expected him to be. Kneeling at the turtle window watching the antics of the giant sea turtles. Or “ter-tles!” Your Chip and Dale are growing! That photo of them in the maze? The cutest. Pressing the fast forward button to when you see the three kidlets again.
    Kelly L McKenzie recently posted…Don’t Mess With My KidsMy Profile

  5. Love the pictures, where does the time go? We are packing boxes, measuring and re measuring to see how much we can fit in Caroline’s car. We now know the ottoman, 10 packing boxes, her TV , hanging clothes and numerous space bags will fit. I sure hope she and Greg fit!! They leave Saturday morning leaving me at home with 4 dogs, 2 of ours and 2 fosters! But she is excited about moving to Texas, Greg less so about the two day drive!

  6. Oh my gosh, I love your pics. I love the comment about taking the cushion off for drool. TOO Cute!! Counting the minutes until Thursday!

  7. Summer camp at your place sounds terrific! I vividly remember doing so many of your fun activities with my kids back in the day. My kids loved the pretend grocery store in the Children’s Museum. So much to see at the Shedd Aquarium. Every summer we visited the Brookfield Zoo (I don’t remember a zoo in Lincoln Park when I lived there). A ball game at Wrigley Field was anticipated every summer, but I think the kids were mainly interested in the dessert cart that appeared in the middle of the game in the box suites.

  8. Sounds like a great time! It’s so fun to explore the city in the summer time especially with little ones! I encourage you to join Windy City Blogger Collective-they are a great network for Chicago bloggers!
    Deanna recently posted…Five Non-Touristy Spots to Visit in Chicago.My Profile

  9. Sounds like a lovely time with your family, Mo!
    Bev recently posted…I took a staycation from my family and it was gloriousMy Profile

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