The Sassy New Me

I chopped my hair off on Tuesday. Well, actually the sweet and talented Andrew did it.

I have had the same hair style for about 5 years which is a U.S, Olympic AND World record for me.  A few years ago, when we moved away from our beloved Chicago the first time, friends put together a DVD montage of photos from our fun over the prior 15 years.  What they found most remarkable was how many different hairdos I had sported. (What can I say, I get bored easily.)

Now some of these changes in hair style were done to correct a prior mistake. Like when I decided to get a perm, came home and my then 5 year old Annie burst into tears saying, “You are not my mother! You are a clown!”.


Or when my former stylist made a tiny mistake in the hair color formula and I ended up with an unintended purple hue to my hair. Peter lovingly said I looked like Dennis Rodman.

Or when this same stylist cut my bangs so short they looked like a kindergartener had attacked me with shears.  I actually heard her say “oops”. Two people you NEVER want to hear that word from: your surgeon and your hair stylist. She tried to convince me it was the new rage! All the cool, suburban, middle aged moms were sporting the look. Riiiiigggghhhtttt….

But this time, it was just me, getting antsy with my hair and being ready for a change.

I arrived at the salon and started perusing the hairstyle books that were strewn around the lobby.  The problem with these books is that the models are all 19, dressed all fancy, super thin and beautiful and it’s hard to translate the look into my world.  So I tried to describe my vision while giving Andrew complete veto power if he thought a particular style would not work with my hair (or my face shape).  After some thought, Andrew pulled up a couple of pictures on his phone.

“Is this what you are thinking?”

The examples he chose: Kris Kardashian and Lisa Rinna.



I’m sure these ladies are perfectly lovely souls.  But I didn’t want Andrew to think I was expecting to end up with their entire “look”.  Yeah…no!   It’s like when the Jennifer Aniston hair cut was so, so popular. I remember reading that stylists had to constantly remind their clients that, although their hair might be similar, they will not end up looking EXACTLY like Jen.

But the wise and fabulous Andrew was onto something.  I was looking for a cut that was short and sassy and easy to take care of. (Although I’m guessing that Lisa and Kris use infinitely more hair product than I do.)   Snip, snip, razor, razor, chunks of hair on the floor and voila! He nailed it.  Andrew kept saying he couldn’t believe I wasn’t freaking out. Most of his clients apparently freak out when going for a dramatic change.  Not me – I trusted Andrew and I knew that even if I changed my mind, the hair would grow back. And it wasn’t like I was going from waist length hair to Sinead O’Connor. Or would end up looking like Dennis Rodman…again.

I went from this:

the girls - Version 2

To this:

Hi, I'm Mo

I should have taken the “after” picture as soon as I got home from the salon. We all know it will NEVER look quite like that when I style it myself. Am I right?

Although I’m still getting used to the new ‘do, and am startled every time I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror, I’m thrilled with the sassy new me.  I will gradually get used to seeing myself in shorter hair, used to feeling the cool breeze on my neck, and used to the appropriate level of scrunching (or is it zhushing) necessary to create the intended style.  I’ll get used to all these things probably just about the time I decide I must, must, must have hair long enough for a pony tail.  And extensions are not an option.

In the meantime I will add this photo to my collection of the many phases of Mo.



Lisa Rinna photo from

Kris Kardashian photo from

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I’ve had the same hairstyle for years; thinking it’s time for a change but I’m too scared to pull the trigger.

    • It’s great to meet you! I have to confess that I did a halfway to super short hair a few months ago to dip my toes in, then felt ok with going all the way this week. Made it a little easier!
      Mo recently posted…The Sassy New MeMy Profile

  2. I cannot tell you how much I love this blog. You are amazing….and while you might challenge your productivity in traditional terms (the last post), you have always made excellent choices about how to spend your days–with your family and friends and making their lives richer. So glad I am in that group of OFF’s.
    Admiringly yours,

  3. I love it, Mo! I’m partial to short and sassy (although my hair is now the longest it’s been since 5th grade). It says “I’m confident, I’m awesome, and I know it – don’t mess with me!” It also makes your pretty eyes pop. Props to you for taking the plunge!

  4. My mom actually just got a similar hair cut but shorter the in the back. The heat down in South Texas can be horrible. The haircut looks amazing on you.

  5. I LOVE it!!
    It’s totally cute and modern and SASSY!! It’s so flattering on you!!
    Great look!! (and kudos to Andrew for executing the cut perfectly!!) –Lisa

  6. Love the cut. It looks so sassy and cute! Must be nice in the heat as well.

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