TLC Long Distance

Of course we love to be with our friends to share the good things in life, but we want (need) to be there when crappy stuff happens, too.

Yesterday two of my hometown friends lost their mothers.  Neither was unexpected, both moms had lived long, full lives.  But still…they lost their moms.
I have sent cards, called, texted messages of my love and support (complete with a broken heart emoticon) but the distance is making my heart ache because I can’t be there in person to give a hug.
Re-reading this, I realize it sounds a little like I am making it about me and my inability to feel useful.  Honestly, maybe that is the case.  As a friend and as a mom, I have a need to help, to support, to nurture.  It’s what I do.  How I cope and help my loved ones cope.
But maybe it’s also knowing that when you give a hug, you get one in return.
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  1. If you could be there, you would. Your heart is so in the right place.

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