Uno Mas Mexican Restaurant In The Glen

We have a new favorite restaurant in town.

Uno Mas recently opened in The Glen Town Center, taking the place of another Mexican restaurant whose claim to “fame” was their margaritas made with grain alcohol.

Uno Mas in The Glen

Uno Mas – The Glen Town Center – Glenview

Since moving back from California, one thing we have missed has been good Mexican food. Not the Taco Bell type (although there is a time and a place for a good chalupa) but really interesting, delicious, Mexican food.

Peter and I are huge fans of Rick Bayless and his Topolobampo and Frontera Grill restaurants and we visit as often as we can. But, sadly, they are not in our neighborhood.

Uno Mas is!

The first clue to how much I’m going to like a Mexican restaurant comes with the chips and salsa.

I like my chips either thick and crunchy (bonus points if they are warm) or thin and crispy, with just the right amount of salt.

The chips at Uno Mas were the thin and crispy kind, done to perfection. They served two kinds of delicious salsa – mild and habanero pepper.

Normally, Peter and I would order some guacamole to go with our chips but something else caught our eye.

Grilled street corn with cilantro crema, crumbled cojita cheese, paprika and lime.

Uno Mas grilled street corn with cilantro crema, cojita cheese, paprika and limePresented beautifully, diners are invited to cut the kernels off the cob and enjoy.

This was a melt in your mouth, sweet treat. So yummy that we considered ordering another one for dessert!

What’s a good Mexican dinner without the appropriate beverages?

Our sweet waiter, Ari, extolled the virtues of the sangria so that’s what I chose. Peter went with your basic margarita – another benchmark by which one can judge the quality of a Mexican restaurant!

uno mas red sangria and traditional margaritaBoth drinks were delicious, not too strong, perfect.

I have to tell you about one thing that happened – something very small, but something that made a very positive impression on us.

As Ari served our drinks, his arm accidentally brushed up against the top of Peter’s water glass. Without hesitation and without any prompting by us, Ari whisked the water glass away and brought Peter a new one.

How’s that for attentive service? It was the right thing to do but I dare say most servers would not think to react so quickly.

The menu at Uno Mas is incredible.

They offer a variety of salads, quesadillas, burritos, fajitas, something called “cheese crisps” which I think are like flatbread on a tortilla and mesquite wood grilled entrees ranging from grilled Mahi Mahi to a short rib burger.

But we had our eyes on the Street Tacos.

There are 10 different Street Taco Platters to choose from including fish, shrimp, chicken, vegetarian, carne asada and more. Each is served with warm tortilla shells, cilantro rice and black beans (some of the best black beans I’ve tasted).

Talk about choice anxiety. After much deliberation, Peter and I made our selections.

He chose the Baja Shrimp Street Taco Platter: lightly battered and fried shrimp, creamy slaw, avocado and cilantro lime crema.

The verdict – AMAZING!

I chose the El Guapo Street Taco Platter: 24 hour braised short rib with queso fresco.

uno mas el guapo street taco platterUno Mas, you had me at “24 hour braised short rib”.

Also AMAZING. I would surely order it again except that there are so many other enticing dishes we want to try.

The vibe at Uno Mas is lively. Weather permitting, there are tables on the sidewalk for a little mealtime people watching. Although the bar area might be a little noisy for us older folks, Peter and I enjoyed sitting at a booth with a view of this great wall art.

Uno Mas wall artYou just know that you are going to have fun in a place like this!

The Glen Town Center is a shopping area boasting lots and lots of good restaurants. Being unlike anything else in town, I have great confidence that Uno Mas will be able to hold its own amid the competition.

Hmmmm….I wonder if Uno Mas is open for lunch…..

Oh, one more thing. Today is my mom‘s birthday. Can you please help me wish her a very happy birthday?

happy bday mom

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  1. Happy Birthday Gigi!🎂🎈👏😘

  2. Looks like a great Mexican place to fill in for California – I judge a place by their margaritas and it’s rare to find one that’s excellent. Happy birthday to your mother!

  3. This looks like my kind of place. I miss the Mexican food from Texas! Wish we had a good Mexican restaurant in Beantown. I got turned on to Sangria on our last cruise. I positively love it on a warm night. Glad you and Peter are settling back into the swing of things in the Midwest. Let me know when you are headed East!

  4. ps happy bday to your Mom!!

  5. Happy birthday, Mo’s Mom!
    I am salivating – Uno Mas sounds delish.
    Topolobampo & Frontera Grill – I haven’t been there for at least as long as we moved out East (18 years). The closest we’ve come is Frontera chips and salsa.

  6. Happy belated birthday, Mo’s mom! This place looks amazing…I’m intrigued by the margaritas with grain alcohol. I haven’t touch the stuff since college (don’t ask), but I cannot stomach tequila.

    We have some great Mexican places here, but I’ve never seen that street corn – delicioso!
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