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Happy Friday, everyone. Please enjoy a roundup of random wine related ditties.

Wine in a can: I tried it so you don’t have to.

On a recent flight, I sat next to a couple of adorable twenty-somethings who were traveling to Salt Lake City  for a ski adventure.

When the drink cart arrived at our row, Young Couple (who had quite thoroughly studied the drink menu) asked for 2 bottles of hard cider. Sadly, that taste treat had not been loaded onto our plane.

“What about the wine in a can?”, Young Couple asked.


Wine in a can

Wine in a can?!?! I had to try it.

Garçon, please bring us 3 cans of wine.

The first clue regarding the quality of this gem came from the flight attendant who promised to bring us a different beverage if we did not care for what the label described as “ridiculously good wine in a can”.

I took one obligatory sip, for research purposes and all, then handed the rest of my can to Young Couple who proclaimed that the wine was “not terrible”.

Young Couple was mistaken. The wine in a can was EXTREMELY TERRIBLE.

Still, Young Couple gulped it down and were happy campers until we experienced a long stretch of serious turbulence.

Young Guy turned several shades of green. He spent the rest of the flight with his head down, probably praying for a quick landing. I spent the rest of the flight praying that I was not going to be punished for pawning off my terrible wine on him.

Fortunately, we landed without incident – lesson learned.

If ever you are offered wine in a can, in the words of the late Nancy Reagan, “Just Say No.”

Words to live by.

From my friend, Woody:

Have more wine

Next up…

Making your grocery shopping more enjoyable…

Heinen's Sip and Swirl

Our local grocery store, Heinen’s, has a lovely wine section including this “Sip, Swirl, Savor” wine dispensing marvel.

Customers purchase a gift card, insert the card in the machine and select a wine. Customers can opt for a taste or a full glass and are charged according to the size of the pour they choose.

The Sip, Swirl and Savor dispenser offers wine in a wide range of types and prices. The selections change quite regularly. What a great way to take a taste of a new wine before committing to purchase a bottle!

Heinen’s also has a fabulous prepared food section and tables for dining. Add a glass of wine from the dispenser and you have Date Night.

And of course, customers can grab a glass of wine to enjoy as they are doing their shopping.

How very civilized.

Two things that my pictures of wine bottles prove.

Messy wine bottles

Thanks to my Shotbox, my pictures of wine bottles are looking a bit more professional.

However, the messy looking bottles shown above prove two things:

  • I am terrible at pouring wine – can not seem to do it without dripping.
  • I really, truly do drink the wines that I review. You can count on that.

(Speaking of Shotbox, the company is offering a March discount of $20 off your purchase. See the ad in my sidebar or at the end of this page or click on my affiliate link and use code SOCIAL20 to get the discount.)

And finally,

You are going to need A LOT of corks.

Looking for a use for all the wine corks you’ve collected?

This HAS to be one of the coolest cellars we’ve seen, if we do say so ourselves!

Posted by Wine Enthusiast on Wednesday, March 2, 2016



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  1. I promise I will never drink wine from a can and if that makes me a wine snob then so be it! My daughter Melissa prefers cheap wine like white zin and I will never understand it!
    Vicki recently posted…A Grown Up DaughterMy Profile

  2. I guess that explains why you have been hanging around Heinen’s so much…the wine section… (it’s like an instagram for wine!) .I believe you tried to pass it off the produce section being the big draw!!ha! I agree they have a wonderful prepared foods section.
    And I promise to never try the canned wine! Thanks for taking one for the team!!!

  3. Hi Mo, maybe you’ve done so already, but would you write something about wine in boxes?
    Are there any drinkable ones? I love the idea as many nights two of us don’t want to finish a bottle. Or so we say…Thanks!!

  4. Wine in the can story, hysterical glad it stayed that way. Omg, Heinen’s, just looked it up. Between that and Russo’s having serious grocery store envy!

  5. I love the wine by the glass grocery — what a cool idea! Nothing like that downstate, but I bet it’d go over big (well, maybe if they offered beer instead, ha!)
    Debbie recently posted…Gotcha, Goose!My Profile

  6. That wine dispenser machine is cool! After 19 years in Boston (and 17 years previously in Chicago), I do have to say that Chicago grocery stores are more sophisticated. When I moved to Boston, the worst grocery store in Chicago was nicer than the best grocery store here. Things have slowly improved. Wegman’s is shaking things up here.

    • Wegman’s is pretty awesome – I love their prepared food section. Have you ever been to Russo’s in Watertown? It is very close to my kids and they love it. Lots of specialty Italian, fresh pasta, incredible produce section, cheese section and pasties. Might be worth a field trip!
      Mo Lux recently posted…Wine In A Can And Other RandomnessMy Profile

  7. A can of wine, a can of SPAM, and a can of puddin’ . . . you’ve got yourself a post-nuclear party!

  8. I must say I am not shocked to find out that wine in a can is terrible.

    At the pizza place by me, they have started carrying wine and beer. The wine is single serve in a plastic wine glass, sealed up like a juice box. It’s so funny to see, and I suspect it’s not fabulous.

    They should get a wine dispenser instead, and put it next to the soda machine.
    Dana recently posted…Get swabbedMy Profile

    • You are right, Dana. I wasn’t so much trying the wine in a can as I was confirming that it was as awful as I expected. I think I saw that wine in a sealed plastic glass on Shark Tank. If it’s the same product, it was presented twice and no deal either time. I might have to come have pizza with you and give the wine in a glass a try.
      Mo Lux recently posted…Wine In A Can And Other RandomnessMy Profile

  9. I’m the only wine drinker in the is house, and I will admit to licking that drip off the bottle so it doesn’t make it’s way to the counter. I know it’s terribly gross of me to admit that. I’m must invesitigate this pouring without a drip. I didn’t know it was a thing. Thanks for the warning on the canned wine.
    Kenya G. Johnson recently posted…I Used to Be A TomboyMy Profile

    • I’m laughing because I am totally guilty of licking the drip! Waste not, want not, right? The only way I ever pour wine without dripping is to tie a napkin around the neck of the bottle. I still drip but it doesn’t make its way all the way down the bottle. Maybe there is a product idea in this…
      Mo Lux recently posted…Wine In A Can And Other RandomnessMy Profile

  10. Ok – now for a weensy bit of info about my world. Wine: must be purchased at either a provincial liquor store OR at a private wine shop or liquor store. Latter few and far between with higher prices than at the provincial version. Until the Winter Olympics in 2010 one could not buy wine on a Sunday and if you chose to consume it you had to purchase something to eat as well. Shades of SLC.
    This concept of a Heinen’s and possibly a Russo’s and Wegman’s is MIND BLOWING. Positively mind blowing. Damn. Speaking of provincial – that’s us in BC. Off to walk the dog to get much needed perspective.
    Kelly L McKenzie recently posted…My Very Good, Very Bad CatMy Profile

    • I blissfully take for granted that wine can be purchased anywhere, anytime until I am confronted with rules to the contrary. The other totally egregious rule in SLC was that we couldn’t buy wine in the bar and walk it across the lobby to the party. What’s up with that?!?!?! When you come visit I promise we will hit up all the stores in which we can buy wine. And we will buy wine. Because we can.
      Mo Lux recently posted…Wine Gift – It’s All In The NameMy Profile

  11. Wine in a can doesn’t even sound good. ugh. Hope you have a great week.

  12. I have to go back and read all of your reviews. I’m very uneducated about wine and just drink it. I probably would have finished the wine in the can!
    Katy recently posted…The 5 Dirtiest Places in my CarMy Profile

  13. good to know about the canned wine. and that sip and savor machine…me thinks i need to move closer to you. 🙂
    nancy recently posted…powder puffMy Profile

  14. They say “curiosity killed the cat”, I am happy that the wine in a can spared you the same fate and I am thankful that you saved the rest of us…now that being said, I cannot tell a lie, I have actually enjoyed a glass of wine from a box…I feel better now that I have admitted the truth. Have a great day.
    Beemie recently posted…What’s new?…My Profile

    • I’ve promised my pal, Anne, that I will do a post on box wine. Do you remember the name of the wine you tried? I’m thinking that my next “girls’ night in” will be a box wine tasting event. I’ll be sure to have some wine from the cellar to come to the rescue if necessary.
      Mo Lux recently posted…Wine Gift – It’s All In The NameMy Profile

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