Wine Cellar Reveal

As you may remember, we recently added a wine cellar to the unfinished basement in our Chicago home. It is finally time to reveal the finished project.

Peter started collecting wine about 10 years ago. Before we knew it, his collection had grown from one bottle

Darioush Viognier

to this.

wine shippers

This is what 76 cases of wine looks like.

The time had come to make a proper home for our wine.

We contacted a local wine shop for recommendations and found a fabulous wine cellar designer who turned our dream into reality.

Starting with this blank slate,

wine cellar blank slate

pretty soon the walls were framed out

wine cellar framed

and the room was done.

wine cellar empty room

By the way, don’t you just love the chandelier?  From the Wine Country Craftsman on Etsy, it is made from reclaimed wine barrels. Just perfect!

Getting closer.

wine cellar racks

And done!


wine cellar

I took this panoramic picture with my iPhone. I promise that the walls and floors are not warped and any depiction to the contrary is purely the fault of the photographer.

So let’s see, what are we missing?


In the quintessential labor of love, Peter unpacked and organized about 1,300 bottles of wine to fill his new playroom.

We keep a detailed inventory on Excel, listing information about each bottle including the “drink by” date and ratings. We have looked into fancier wine inventory programs (I was hoping for one with a bar code scanner because who doesn’t love to make that “beep” happen?) but this really works best.  We can sort the list in a variety of different ways so finding a particular selection – say, a Chardonnay that should be consumed this year – is a snap.

Peter has set up a brilliant system in the cellar so that once we pick out a bottle on the inventory list, we can go straight to right section and slot in the wine cellar. It’s a beautiful thing.

So here is the finished and stocked wine cellar. Truly Peter’s pride and joy (after his wife, children and grandchildren, of course…).

Wine Cellar

Isn’t it lovely?

We are looking forward to being back in Chicago on a permanent basis so that we can fully enjoy our wine cellar and, obviously, our wine!

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  1. Not gonna lie – I just turned green!!
    I’m really happy for y’all and love your wine cellar but I showed this to my husband and told him that this is on the list for the retirement home (on the beach)!!!

  2. Can’t wait to toast you and Peter in my nice warm sweater. Rosey wants to know if you need help color coding the spreadsheet.

  3. Just sent your link to the Mister. He’s going to be pea green with envy! It looks positively gorgeous, Mo! Looking forward to meeting you in person!

    • Is there a spot in your new home for a wine cellar? I’m just sayin’, with all that wonderful cooking that the Mister does a place for the wine just makes sense!

  4. All I can say is wow! This is absolutely incredible.

  5. Makes my wine rack look puny! How lovely to have a room dedicated to all things wine 🙂

    • It is great to be able to grab the exact bottle we want without having to drive to the offsite storage place and shuffle boxes! Wine heaven!

  6. Positively gobsmacked. Wow. This is amazing right from the amount of bottles you have to the clever organization of the bottles. Calls to mind my late grandfather’s saying of “a boot for every occasion.” Have you a wine for every occasion or is that a happily never achieved concept?

    • I think it will be quite some time before we run out of wine for every occasion, especially since Peter keeps finding more gems he likes! No complaints from me, though. I fully support his hobby!

  7. Wow! That is SOME incredible wine cellar!!!! Thanks for sharing, Mo! xoxo

  8. Holy grapes, that is beautiful! Love the chandelier – I’m going to check out that etsy store right now.

  9. Mo, I have been waiting to see this and it is spectacular. Congrats and nice panoramic shot by the way.

  10. That is amazing, and quite the wine collection, wow! Enjoy your new wine cellar.

  11. WOW!! It is STUNNINGLY gorgeous! I am blown away with the end result Mo! LOVE it! :)-Ashley

  12. OMG, the most amazing wine cellar ever! this needs to be featured in a magazine! LOVE!

  13. Wow. Just wow. Next time I head to Chicago for business, I am stopping by!



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