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Mocadeaux wine news

The holidays are over and we are all slowly trying to get back to real life.

But now the pressing question:

What do I do with all of the empty wine bottles and wine corks from our holiday festivities?

Starting simple.

Lifehacker shows us how to turn wine corks into adorable little votive candles. Just be careful! We are talking about lighting things on fire here…Safety first!

But lets say you have an abundance of corks. What to do?!?! Wait until you see these creative ideas from Buzzfeed.

Champagne corks as drawer pulls? Brilliant!

And now for the empty bottles. BuzzFeed has you covered for that, too.

I’m pretty certain that even the most “crafting challenged” among us could pull off a few of these ideas!

But I’m not sure about #11 – cutting a wine bottle using string, nail polish remover and a flame?!? It sounds like this could go wrong quickly and in so many ways.

I’ll take a pass on that one.

What else? Other wine news?

Oh, I’m sure you heard about the French Laundry wine heist.

Thomas Keller’s world renowned Napa Valley restaurant (THREE Michelin stars!) was robbed on Christmas Day after everyone went home and the restaurant closed for a months long renovation project.

A total of 76 bottles were stolen with a retail value of $300,000.

In case you don’t have a calculator nearby, I will do the math for you. That’s an average of $3,947 per bottle – retail value. The truth is you can’t get these wines on the retail market so the real value is much, much higher.

Among the wines stolen were the 1990 Domaine de la Romanée-Conti which recently sold at auction for over $20,000 per bottle and some Screaming Eagle which you might remember was the wine “accidentally” ordered by some schlub in New Jersey which he thought was $37.50 but was actually $3,750.

OK, I’m no Sherlock Holmes but I think it is pretty clear that the robbers knew exactly when they would have the opportunity, exactly what they would steal and already had customers for the hot (in more ways than one) commodity.

My favorite line in the coverage of the crime: TMZ called this “the 1%-est crime of 2014”.


Finally, The Pantone Color Institute has declared “Marsala” as the color of 2015.

Apparently Pantone has some influence because the word is that we will be seeing Marsala in everything from fashion to home decor and accessories to kitchen utensils.

But not everyone is a fan of the choice. Some have complained that the color evokes more a feeling of rust or dirty bricks than the elegance of a glass of fortified wine.

Po-Tay-to, Po-TOT-o. Just looks like burgundy to me.

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  1. Too funny…I just mentioned to someone else that the color marsala reminded me of the early 90’s cranberry/burgundy phase paired of course with hunter green. Going to check out the wine crafts….even though I really don’t need a reason to raise a glass.

    • Beemie, I guess it is as the saying goes – if you wait long enough everything eventually comes back in style. As far as the crafts go, I’m looking to team up with someone. I’ll empty the bottles and someone else can do the crafty part!
      Mo Lux recently posted…Wine Crafts And Other Wine NewsMy Profile

  2. Apparently, I am NOT a criminal mastermind because all I could think of the entire time I was reading about the wine theft was, “What in the world do you do with stolen wine?” I’m guessing there’s some kind of black market for wine? But then what do the people who buy the stolen wine do with it? Drink it to get rid of the evidence? That seems like a waste of money. Just sit there and stare at it for the rest of their lives? That also seems like a waste of money!
    Kristen recently posted…Anxiety Isn’t Just WorryMy Profile

    • The news said it was like stolen art. The theft was likely “commissioned” by someone who wanted to add these bottles to their collection – just to have them I guess. As much as I love wine, I’ve never understood the concept of collecting just for the sake of collecting. The wine is only worth something if you never open it. What fun is that?
      Mo Lux recently posted…2011 Cargasacchi Pinot NoirMy Profile

  3. That is some pricey wine!!! I’m trying to think what the most we have ever paid for one bottle – not a lot because I’m cheap:) One day we might splurge!!!
    Kim recently posted…Conditioning Is Key!!My Profile

  4. Oh, I kind of like the new color of the year!
    I had heard about that robbery–craziness! How does one run off with that much wine? Clearly it was well thought-out.
    I have started collecting corks again, I want to make some wine crafts! Several years ago I made some bracelet holders out of wine bottles that I spray-painted. Super easy craft and it looks quite pretty, in my opinion 🙂
    Bev recently posted…{DIY} How to make your own small hoop earringsMy Profile

  5. This reminds me of a news clip that aired locally. Sadly WP won’t allow me to post it. I’ll send it to you privately.

    Others can google it through “Steve Darling breaking a bottle of champagne”

    I cannot believe the reporter’s reaction. Note how he wipes himself down while completely ignoring the Four Season’s wine director who is absolutely soaked. Thought she handled it brilliantly.
    Kelly L McKenzie recently posted…Summer In JanuaryMy Profile

  6. I was once inspired to make a wreath of corks. I saved the corks, got the wire wreath frame and that’s as far as I got. Do you know that Homegoods sells bags of corks? I was in the store with the Mr. and he told me to try to sell our corks to them! Yeah, right, Mister, nice try!

    • That Mr. is quite the comedian! I’ve seen corks for sale on ebay and even on Amazon I think, so it only makes sense that Home Goods – the purveyor of all things we never knew we needed – would carry them! We have a cork wreath just like the one you described on the door to our wine cellar. The twins got it for us at a craft show. I say leave the crafting to the professionals.
      Mo Lux recently posted…2011 Cargasacchi Pinot NoirMy Profile

  7. Wine bottle crafts…I was so excited to see that!! I’m going to go have some pinning fun! Thanks for sharing that!
    Michelle recently posted…Game Day Snacks: Barbeque Chicken StromboliMy Profile

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